Core Capabilities

Team of Experts Team of Experts

Team of Experts

We have a powerhouse of traders and global quality experts who come with deep knowledge and certifications to navigate marketplaces with finesse.

Diverse Experience Diverse Experience

Diverse Experience

Excelling in top-tier sourcing, freight optimization, and seamless transaction management, we guarantee the delivery of your orders as promised.

Robust Global Network Robust Global Network

Robust Global Network

Over the years, we have forged close-knit relationships with end users and established a formidable presence in India, Indonesia, China, and the UAE to successfully cater to bulk raw material needs.

Trading Volumes Trading Volumes

Trading Volumes

Over 11+ Mn metric tonnes of energy coal are accessed annually, with thermal coal trades exceeding 10 Mn tonnes.

Where Efficiency Meets Reliability

Iron Ore

Iron Ore

ENR serves as a full-range provider of iron ore pellets and fines.

  • Iron Ore Pellets: ENR is among the shortlisted candidates for the KIOCL pellet tender process. KIOCL stands distinguished for its premium pellets with a high-grade composition (Fe 65%).
  • Iron Ore Fines: Through our strong collaborations with Indian iron ore miners, we've secured a reliable supply of iron ore fines from India to cater to the requirements of our growing clientele. Beyond India, we also diversify our iron ore sourcing by procuring from multiple locations globally.

Biomass Wood Pellets

At ENR, we're advancing sustainability through renewable energy initiatives, including a biomass division featuring wood pellets and Palm Kernel Shells (PKS). Our wood pellet sources are primarily the USA, South-East Asia, and Canada. We prioritize sustainable energy trading with a focus on PKS obtained from palm oil processing. Indonesia, a vital PKS supplier to Japan and Korea, plays a key role in our commitment to carbon footprint reduction. We're also partnering with a major Asian wood pellet producer and are in the process of creating a PKS stockpile in Indonesia.

Coking Coal
Coking Coal

Coking Coal

We procure semi-soft and prime hard-coking coal responsibly from esteemed global miners. Our primary clients are top-tier steel mills located in China and India, with whom we've fostered enduring partnerships spanning more than a decade. To address the region’s increasing demands, we are actively pursuing new and unconventional coking coal sources.

Energy Coal

Our decade-long track record of excellence has paved the way for critical strategic alliances with Indonesian miners and end users of coal in South-Asia, South-East Asia, and China. We are uniquely positioned to provide on-time, high-quality, and cost-effective energy coal solutions across major Asian markets such as India, China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, and Pakistan.

Energy Coal
Other Commodities

Other Commodities

ENR's portfolio comprises diverse essential commodities, ranging from manganese ore to Guinean bauxite, caustic soda, aggregates, limestone, and clinker.

Tapping into the World’s Finest Mineral Deposits

Advancing the Frontier of Manganese Mining in Zambia

Advancing the Frontier of Manganese Mining in Zambia

Our specialization in commodity trading enables us to generate measurable outcomes throughout the entire value chain.

In 2022, ENR embarked on a significant venture investing in a high-grade manganese asset (Mn 45%+) nestled in Mansa, Zambia. This location, positioned at the crossroads of Zambia and DRC, is renowned for its high-grade manganese deposits. Our vision for this asset entails establishing it as a leading supplier of high-grade calibrated manganese lump ore in the East African region.

Pioneering the Shift Toward Sustainability

Advancing the Frontier of Manganese Mining in Zambia

Our Green Commitment: Fueling Sustainable Progress

At ENR, our overarching goal is to contribute to a greener planet. Sustainability is ingrained in our core values. Our natural resource investment team directs a long-only commodities fund, strategically targeting future-centric themes such as electric vehicles, decarbonization, and electrification. Our investments in high-grade global assets are meticulously chosen to align with these forward-looking trends:

  • Lithium: Harnessing the potential of lithium for electric vehicle batteries, our substantial investment in Argentina is propelling change.
  • Copper: Embracing the electrification trend, our investment in Chile's high-grade copper resource prepares us for heightened demand.
  • Uranium: Positioned for a world shifting away from coal, our investments in uranium exploration in Mauritania echo the rise of nuclear power.
  • Nickel: Given how nickel is key for advanced battery systems, we hold significant nickel assets in Botswana, Australia, and Indonesia.
  • Graphite: Recognizing graphite’s pivotal role in advancing battery technology, we are proactively seeking investment opportunities in graphite assets.

Blue Economy

Empowering a Blue Revolution with Seaweed Cultivation

With seaweed cultivation, we can reverse much of the damage caused by increasing global warming and deteriorating aquaculture. We are enabling the transition to sustainable and organic farming to solve some of the most pressing issues we face today, including reducing pressure on wild fish stocks and ensuring food security. Given how seaweed is an incredible and untapped resource, seaweed farming will have a positive environmental, social, and economic impact.

PT. Mitra Agro Global, an ENR company, also houses MAG Oceans—a subsidiary dedicated to fostering an eco-conscious approach to seaweed farming. Our farmers, located in the breathtaking landscapes of Mamasaloto, Central Sulawesi, and the surrounding areas of Takalar, Makassar, are the heart and soul of this initiative. Steered by an unwavering sense of responsibility toward sustainable practices and the protection of natural resources, we are committed to cultivating a thriving ecosystem that not only empowers our farmers but also safeguards their well-being and livelihoods.

As we forge ahead in our mission, we are dedicated to crafting eco-friendly, sustainable business models for seaweed cultivation and harvesting. Our vision extends to creating a wide range of top-notch, adaptable products that transcend borders and are readily accessible not only to customers in Asia but also to a global audience.

Blue Economy