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At ENR, we are building a dedicated and diverse global team. Our people operate with the highest level of integrity and go the extra mile to fulfill the company’s mission of delivering exceptional services to our customers. As the torchbearers of our fortitude to excel, our people help us reimagine the commodity trading landscape.

Who We Are

Who We Are

We're an exceptional mix of self-driven, proactive, and dedicated individuals. Together, with a unified vision and shared goal, we craft a remarkable success story!


We conform to non-conformities. Our ability to adapt and embrace change sets us apart. We are agile, responsive, and ever-evolving-ensuring we always stay ahead in a fast-paced world.


We believe in empowering our team members to make impactful decisions and deliver results, creating a workplace where potential knows no bounds.


Our culture of thoughtful workarounds and innovative ways to deliver client expectations drives us to raise the bar, explore new horizons, and never stop striving to provide timely and qualitative output.

What it’s Like to Work at ENR

"Make it Happen"

Our team is dedicated to accomplishing every goal, collaborating, and ensuring best-in-class services at every juncture.

"Keep it Real"

We uphold authenticity as our core value, guaranteeing that our work is fulfilling, our culture is enriching, and our people’s mental and physical well-being is a priority.

"Live it Up"

We offer abundant opportunities for personal and professional growth, encouraging individuals to evolve into improved versions of themselves.

Most importantly, everything looks blurred without the support of our people.

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