About Us


With unmatched proficiency and a profound understanding of the commodities landscape, ENR takes center stage as the leading global source of steel and energy raw materials. We continually strive to provide exceptional service and maintain our position as a trusted organization, delivering not only raw materials but also sustainable practices that fortify the foundation of our industry.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is anchored in our role as a service provider, actively addressing the supply and demand gaps in steel and energy raw materials. Centered around end users' needs, our ultimate goal is to solidify our position as the most sought-after, sustainable supplier in the long term.

Our Mission

To effortlessly bridge the gap between buyers and suppliers of a diverse range of bulk raw materials and cement our reputation as the preferred supplier to steel and power plants worldwide.

Leadership Team

Our leadership team and industry executives consistently drive improved living standards by focusing on human-centric strategies, digital innovation, and sustainable sourcing of energy raw materials. To bolster resilience and competitiveness, we not only reimagine processes but also fully embrace reinvention.

ENR steers the formulation and execution of sustainable strategies and business models through digital and sustainable transformation, enabling leading enterprises to flourish amidst disruptive times.

Leadership Team

From Reputable Producers to Global Marketplaces

We are helping the world move toward a low-carbon economy by sourcing and supplying raw materials responsibly to the point of need.