Stefan Alceski Pendoff is an Alternate Board Member of ENR

He is the Executive Director of ENR Minerals & Metals, responsible for the company's investments and projects in metals and mining, including aluminium marketing, aluminium smelting, alumina refining and bauxite mining.

Prior to joining ENR in 2015, Stefan was a partner with EQUIMEA Petroleum Partners in Iraq and Hong Kong, where he served a number of leading energy clients in the Middle East and internationally.

His other board positions include Chairman of EQUIMEA Infrastructure Partners and Board Member of UniSteel.


We are known by the companies who keep us

ENR has the privilege of being suppliers of quality coal to some of the leading Indian multinational industries.

These include, but are not limited to:


Developing a sustainable supply chain

Create value along the commodity supply chain through physical commodity trading and the acquisition of minority stakes in producing assets.

Bauxite, alumina and aluminium in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia.

Physical trading
Capture opportunities across fragmented markets by employing geographic, product and time arbitrage strategies combined with active risk management.

Investment in industrial assets
Acquire non-controlling stakes in unlisted producing assets to secure long-term off-takes.

Financially secure
Financing in place to grow proprietary trading and pursue M&A opportunities.

Corporate governance
ENR adheres to the highest standards of corporate governance. We balance commercial interests with ethical, environmental and social concerns.

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