About Us

Corporate Profile

ENR Minerals & Metals ("ENR MinMet or ENR") is the aluminium and bauxite commodity division with interests in bauxite/alumina and primary aluminium smelting; with plans for significant international expansion.

ENR's portfolio comprises high quality aluminium products in 3 main forms:

  • re-melt ingot
    (foundry for automotive applications, high purity aluminium for electronics and aerospace)
  • billets
    (use for construction, industrial, transportation and automotive purposes)
  • slab ingot
    (lithographic sheets, food and beverage packaging, and the automotive industry)

Investments in Mining & Refining

ENR MinMet is looking to deploy and invest significant resources into mining development companies focusing on advancing its bauxite and alumina export projects in Indonesia and other South East Asian countries.

Further more, ENR MinMet is currently finalizing negotiations for mandates to develop additional alumina refineries globally.

Additional upstream opportunities are being investigated in Africa, Asia and South America.

Vision & Mission


"To act on imbalances in supply and demand of aluminium by being a service provider that works with end user interest in mind with the clear intent of becoming the long term supplier of choice."


"To seamlessly connect resource buyers with supply sources of aluminium and become the supplier of choice to end users in the Americas, Europe, India, Korea, China and SE Asian countries of aluminium."

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